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Payment method

Payment methods are "PayPal credit card settlement" and "Bank transfer".
Orders from outside Japan are PayPal credit card payments.

Please select the payment method in the shopping cart. Please pay the total amount including the price displayed for each product, the shipping fee, and the commission according to each payment method.
The payment method cannot be changed after the order is completed.

【PayPal credit card payment】

Please see here in below for detailed usage.

【Bank transfer】

Please make a payment within one week to the bank listed in the order confirmation email.
※Transfers can only be made from banks in Japan.

Please make sure that the name of the depositor is the same as when you ordered.
If the name you ordered and the name of the depositor are different, please be sure to contact us by email. Please note that payment may not be confirmed and shipping may be delayed if contact cannot be made.

If there is no payment after the above period, your purchase will be canceled and your order will be automatically cancelled.

About shipping and delivery

Delivery of the ordered product will be shipped from Yamato Transport Co., Ltd.
Shipping outside Japan will be done by EMS.


770 yen nationwide.
※The shipping fee for each order is 770yen. If you’d like us to combine items that have been ordered separately, any shipping fee that has already been charged cannot be refunded; even if you’d like us to combine the shipping of separate orders.
※When purchasing in-stock items and reservation items with different delivery times in the same order, please understand that the order will not be shipped until all reservation items become available. If you would like to receive the in-stock items sooner, please order the items seperately.

【Scheduled delivery date】

Please refer to the estimated shipping date on each product page.
※It may take some time depending on traffic conditions, weather and region. Please be forewarned.
※We do not ship on weekends, holidays, New Year holidays, and other consecutive holidays.

【Specified delivery date】

・You cannot specify the delivery date. Please note.
・The time zone can be specified as follows.
In the morning (until 12:00) 14: 00-16: 00 16: 00-18: 00 18: 00-20: 00 19: 00-21: 00
※Even if a time zone is specified, delivery may not be possible within the specified time due to the delivery company and road conditions. Please be forewarned.

Return / Exchange

In our shop, we inspect before shipping the product to the customer.
We do not accept returns or refunds for customer convenience (size does not fit, image is different, order is wrong, damage occurred when wearing, etc.).

≪We will respond by returning or exchanging items only in the following cases≫
・If you receive a product, color or size that is different from the product you ordered
・If the item is damaged during delivery
・If the product has initial defects such as sewing errors

【Return / exchange conditions】

・Within 7 days from the date of receipt
・Unused items with exterior boxes, delivery notes, and accessories
※Please note that we will not accept returned or exchanged items that have been contacted after 7 days, or without notification.
※Please note that we do not accept returns or exchanges for sale items or special price items.

If the same product is available, it will be exchanged for the same product.
If the product cannot be prepared, we will exchange it for another product or return it for refund.

【Return method】

If you wish to return the product, please reply to the order confirmation email or contact the email address listed in the order confirmation email.
As soon as we confirm the deficiencies, we will give you a new guide.
Please check the information from our company and return it to us.
If you do not contact us in advance, we will not be able to respond to returned goods, so please contact us in advance.

Please note that the following cases will be refused for the convenience of the customer.

・Images are different from product images and model wearing images.
※Product images are taken as close as possible to the actual product. However, depending on the dimming conditions at the time of shooting and the monitor used by the customer, there may be slight differences between the image and the actual color.
・The size is larger or smaller than expected.
・If the customer selects the wrong product or places an order by mistake.
※“Cooling off” is not applicable because our store is mail order. Thank you for your understanding.


Cancellation after ordering is not accepted in principle.
Our products are mainly made to order, and will be produced after ordering. Thank you for your understanding.

Long-term absence / refusal of receipt

The deadline for baggage retention at Yamato Transport after shipment is 6 days.
If you received a delivery note in your mail box, please make a re-delivery as soon as possible.

In the unlikely event that the storage period has expired due to the absence of long-term absence, the customer who wants to resend the product will bear the “shipping fee for round trip + shipping fee for retransmission (actual cost)", and we will send it again at a convenient date.
In addition, at the time an order is placed in a mail order, it is considered that there is an intention to purchase and pay for the product.

In addition, if the storage is expired due to the absence of long-term absence and the receipt of cash-on-delivery products is refused, future transactions may be refused.
In addition, we will cancel or decline all transactions if it is determined to be malicious by past transactions. Please note that.

※If product is returned due to unknown address, it will be same as absence for a long time, please make sure that there is no omission in the address when placing an order.

About email

About domain designation reception

Customers who have not received e-mail from our shop are might be judged to be spam and may not have been received.
Sorry for your inconvenience, but if you have domain rejection settings, please deselect【】
In addition, even if you are able to receive it, please check it because it is distributed to the spam mail folder.
※We cannot grasp the status of your email reception. Make sure to set it on the customer side.

Contact information

Please contact us using the inquiry form after logging in.
Business hours: Weekdays from 10:00 to 18:00
※Depending on the content of your inquiry, it may take some time to reply. Please be forewarned.
Inquiries are accepted 24 hours a day.

When you make an inquiry, please be careful about receiving a designated domain.